Worry Free Weddings –guaranteed!

Dear Bride and Groom To Be:

 Many congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

We know there are plenty of choices in Perthshire from which to choose your wedding venue.


            Allow me a few moments of your time and I’ll explain why we feel The Green Hotel and Resort is the ideal location for any wedding from 20-180 guests.


            I could tell you about our easy to access location right off the M-90, less than 45 minutes form Edinburgh and 60 minutes from Glasgow. The 'park it and leave it' convenience of having everything you need right on property. The amazing additional amenities for your guests to enjoy (golf, fishing, boating or the leisure club and spa.) Or the stunning wedding pictures you’ll enjoy for years to come on the bonnie banks of beautiful Loch Leven.


            I could talk about our dedicated wedding coordinator, Kirsty Hinton. My chef would love me to mention our exceptional food. Instead of all these wonderful marketing points, the same ones you you can get from any hotel’s website I’d like to tell you a story…

donnasummer.png            In my many years as a manager, I have talked to hundreds of brides and the number one thing they are worried about is that something will ruin their special day. I can’t help it but to always think of that old Donna Summer where someone left a cake out in the rain when I think of the young woman in the red Mini, because that’s exactly what happened.

            There was a young lady from London, who drove up on Friday afternoon with her wedding cake. The forecast for the weekend was great but it was raining hard that morning and unfortunately she tried to get the multi tiered cake from the car on her own.

            She slipped on the wet surface and she and the cake went crashing to the ground. She sat there in the parking lot catatonic as the rain drowned out her cries and tears and slowly melted the cake.

            A guest alerted the front desk and two staff by-passed the check-in procedure, escorted her straight to a room where they ran a hot bath for her, and got her some lemon tea. She was naturally devastated, convinced her wedding was doomed.


            The two members of staff went out to the car park and scraped up the remains of the wedding cake, taking the sorry mess to the kitchen.  Chef took one look and made a quick sketch on a paper napkin. He then sent his assistant in ever increasing circles to local bakers see if he could find a cake matching the specs of the one now in ruins. Alas they could not and as Friday afternoon gave way to Friday evening, Chef gave up the fruitless chase and called his assistant back.

            That’s where the story could have ended, and at most places it would have. They really did give it the old college try, driving well over 100 miles in the process. But that’s not where our story ends. 


            Instead, the chef, his assistant and another called in from a night off worked through the night to re-create the wedding cake as near as possible to the original. When we showed the bride after breakfast what he had done the tears started all over again - only this time they were tears of unmitigated joy and astonishment!

            There are lots of places you can choose to hold your wedding, there are far fewer you can trust to make your special day special, no matter what might try to get in the way.

            We look forward to hosting your special day and creating lasting memories for you and your guest, for all the RIGHT reasons.

Jill Chamlers
Wedding Tsarina 

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